Scandinavian Airlines, or SAS, as commonly called, is Sweden, Norway, and Denmark’s flag carrier. It has a fleet of 68 and flights to as many as 125 destinations. The Scandinavian Airlines baggage policy includes specific rules and regulations that passengers must adhere to for hassle-free and comfortable travel. Let us look at the laws and regulations of Scandanavian Airlines’ baggage policy. We will get an insight into the permissible size, weight, and fees charged on excess baggage. Let’s get started.

Scandinavian Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance (Size and Weight)

Per the Scandinavian Airlines Baggage policy, the number and size of checked bags depend on the destination and ticket type. SAS offers different travel classes, including SAS Plus and SAS Go. There’s the SAS Business class for passengers flying to North America and Asia. The baggage allowance rules vary accordingly. 

Travel Classes No of bags Permissible weight 
SAS Go Smart, SAS Plus Smart, SAS Go Bonus123 kg
SAS Plus Pro, SAS Plus Bonus223 kg (each) 
SAS Business, SAS Business Bonus232 kg (each) 
NOTE: The SAS Go Light doesn’t include any checked baggage. 

Regarding the dimensions, the maximum size, a combination of height, width, and length, is 158 cm. Anything exceeding the limit is chargeable. 

Those with EuroBonus membership get added baggage allowance facilities. EuroBonus Diamond, Gold, and Silver members, alongside Star Alliance Gold Members, enjoy the privilege of extra baggage allowance depending on their membership levels. The EuroBonus level at the time of departure determines which baggage rules will be applicable to your trip. If you downgrade your level in the course of your trip, then the baggage rules will be applicable for your return trip. 

Membership Level Number of Extra Checked Baggages 
EuroBonus Silver, Star Alliance Gold1
EuroBonus Diamond, EuroBonus Gold2

As mentioned, you do not have the provisions for including checked baggage as an SAS Go Light customer. However, if you are a EuroBonus customer, you could also bring a carry-on. 

Scandinavian Airlines Excess Baggage Policy – How Much Checked Baggage is Considered Overweight?

In some travel classes, the permissible weight limit is 23 kg. For business-class customers, the allowable weight is 32 kg. So, for passengers with the 23 kg baggage limit, anything weighing between 23 and 32 kg will be charged a fee against their excess baggage. 

Anything more than that is chargeable for passengers with a specified baggage limit of 32 kg. Fees will be applied to each bag exceeding the weight and dimension limit. The costs vary depending on the route or destination. You must make the payment at the airport. 

Scandinavian Airlines Rules for Cabin or Hand Baggage 

It’s no unknown fact that cabin baggage is one that you can carry on a flight and keep in the storage compartment overhead. When it comes to taking hand baggage, here are some rules to follow: 

  • You can bring a single carry-on bag weighing 8 kg and measuring 55 cm, 40 cm, and 23 cm, respectively. 
  • You could also carry a hand or laptop bag with a height, weight, and depth of 40 cm, 30 cm, and 15 cm, respectively. 
  • For SAS Go Light ticket travelers, the fare permits you to carry nothing more than an underseat bag. This bag could be a laptop bag, a handbag, or any small bag that conveniently fits under the seat. 
  • You can bring baby food and milk as per your requirements. You may even bring injections and medicines in a separate bag, though.
  • Fragile and valuable items like money, laptops, keys, cameras, and jewelry should go as carry-ons. Larger items like television and compute must go as cargo. 

Scandinavian Airlines Baggage Fees For Checked Baggage

As mentioned, if your baggage weighs between 23 and 32 kg or is larger than the standard dimension (158 cm), a flat rate fee will be applied for each bag per one-way travel. Here is the fee breakdown for the bags according to their weight. 

For Domestic Flights 
Weight Amount 
23,1 – 28 kg350 NOK, 250 DKK, 40 USD, 35 EUR, 350 SEK
28,1 – 32 kg600 NOK, 440 DKK, 70 USD, 60 EUR, 600 SEK
For Flights In Europe Within and Scandinavia 
Weight Amount 
23,1 – 28 kg450 NOK, 330 DKK, 50 USD, 45 EUR, 450 SEK
28,1 – 32 kg800 NOK, 590 DKK, 90 USD, 80 EUR, 800 SEK
For Flights To or From Asia and North America 
Weight Amount 
23,1 – 28 kg550 NOK, 400 DKK, 65 USD, 55 EUR, 550 SEK
28,1 – 32 kg1100 NOK, 800 DKK, 130 USD, 110 EUR, 1100 SEK, 

Sporting and hunting weapons may be carried as checked baggage. However, you must make a request and get approval in advance. You will have to pay an additional fee at the airport for carrying weapons. Here is what you have to pay:

Flight Type Fees 
For Domestic Flights 450 NOK, 350 DKK, 50 USD, 45 EUR, 450 SEK, 
For Flights to Scandinavia or Europe 690 NOK, 510 DKK, 80 USD 69 EUR, 690 SEK,
Flights to or from Canada, the US, and Asia 1090 NOK,790 DKK, 125 USD, 109 EUR, 1090 SEK, 

Scandinavian Airlines Baggage Restrictions While Traveling with Infants

If you are carrying an infant aged 0-2 years on your lap, they can travel free of cost or get a discount of up to 90%, depending on your destination. 

If you have a kid aged 2-11 traveling with someone above 16, they will need a separate ticket to travel and will be eligible for about a 25% discount. It will depend on their destination, booking class, and price of ticket. When traveling with a child or an infant, you can check in a pram or a stroller and a child car seat or safety seat. There won’t be a separate charge for them. 

The pick-up and check-in points for safety seats and strollers vary from airport to airport. You will have to contact the respective airports. 

Age Baggage limit 
0-2 years 23 kg; and 158 cm (for a piece of checked baggage)
23 kg max for a stroller or pram and a safety seat (Not applicable for SAS Go Light customers) 
2-11 years The amount of checked baggage to be brought depends on the ticket type you are holding: stroller or pram not more than 23 kg; one car safety seat 

Scandinavian Airlines Baggage Claim Policy

If your baggage is delayed, then you must act immediately and create a PIR (Property Irregularity Report), which you can do at the airport or online. The baggage services officials will help you with the PIR. You will get a reference number through which you may track your baggage claim status online. It will help if you have your baggage receipt ready. If you do not have your receipt at hand, you may find it in your email or the SAS App under the ‘My Trips” tab. 

If your baggage was delayed for more than 24 hours, you will be reimbursed the cost of essentials, especially if you need to buy them immediately. The onus is on you to keep the costs to a minimum. 

It is important to maintain receipts for your purchases. If you encounter a baggage delay during your return trip, you won’t have to buy essentials or be reimbursed for them. 

It is considered lost if you don’t receive the baggage within 21 days. You will be entitled to compensation for the value of your lost luggage. up to XDR or SDR 1288. 

How Do You Buy or Add Extra Baggage for Scandinavian Airlines?

You can buy extra baggage on Scandinavian Airlines by purchasing it online or even at the airport. For carry-on baggage, you can buy one bag per passenger. On the other hand, for checked baggage, you can buy up to nine bags per passenger. 

The fees for the additional baggage will be displayed on the ticket. It is EUR 20 – EUR 105 per 23 kg. The pricing will be as per your local currency. The extra baggage price varies depending on the route. You get an added discount if you buy it 14 days before your travel date. Here are some examples of extra baggage charges: 

  • Fees for extra baggage up to 22 hours before departure: 195 NOK, 170 DKK, 20 EUR, 195 SEK, 25 USD (for domestic flights and flights within Scandinavia) 
  • Fess for extra baggage for less than 22 hours before departure: 450 DKK, 55 EUR, 65 USD, 540 NOK, 540 SEK (for domestic flights); 690 NOK, 570 DKK, 690 SEK, 85 USD, 75 EUR (for flights within Scandinavia)
  • Fees for extra baggage booked for more than eight days of departure: 270 DKK, 295 NOK, 295 SEK, 40 USD, 30 EUR

For more details on extra baggage costs, you may visit the official website of Scandinavian Airlines.


Knowing the in-and-out of Scandinavian Airlines’ baggage policy helps you understand the rules and regulations well, ensuring hassle-free travel.

FAQs of Scandinavian Airlines Baggage Policy

What baggage allowance do Scandinavian airlines have?

You are allowed to carry a piece of checked baggage not exceeding 23 kg and measuring 158 cm. SAS Go Light customers do not have checked baggage allowances.

Does Scandinavian Airlines have restrictions about weight on carry-on items?

The carry-on items should weigh no more than 8 kg and be 55 x 40 x 23 cm. You should also not carry prohibited items like stunning devices, sharp objects, weapons, and containers containing more than 100 ml of liquid. If you have a container over 100 ml it must be a part of your checked baggage.

Does SAS Airlines allow free carry-on?

The number of carry-ons depends on your ticket type. All passengers are provided with a single free under-seat bag.

Is SAS strict with under-seat bags?

Yes, all passengers can carry a single under-seat bag, sized 40 cm x 30 cm x 15 cm, for free. For SAS Go Light customers, the fee includes an under-seat bag and no carry-on.

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