Saudia, previously called the Saudi Arabian Airlines, is  Saudi Arabia’s flag carrier. Its base is Jeddah. It operates domestic and international flights to around 100 destinations. Before taking a flight, it is essential to know the Saudia Airlines baggage policy of the respective airline. This will ensure a seamless and hassle-free journey. By baggage allowance, we mean the limits set by the flight authorities on the number, weight, and size of bags a person can carry during a flight. So let’s look at Saudi Airlines’ Baggage policy, which helps, especially if traveling to or from Suadi Arab. 

Saudia Airlines Baggage Policy Rules

The Saudia Airlines baggage policy includes rules for checked baggage and carry-on or hand baggage. Before we get to details on the parameters fixed for size and other aspects, let us understand the concepts of checked baggage and carry-on baggage. 

Checked baggage is the items of your luggage that you hand over to the flight authorities during check-in. The baggage goes into the cargo hold. You must collect it from the baggage carousel upon reaching your destination. Cabin baggage, carry-on bags, or hand luggage remains in the flight’s cabin, stored in the overhead compartment above your seat. Personal items are smaller than your cabin baggage and should fit in the space below your seat. 

Saudi Airlines Weight Limit for Checked Baggage for Domestic and International Flights

  • On international flights, first-class and business-class passengers can carry two bags weighing 32 kg. 
  • Those traveling by economy or guest class can carry two bags weighing 23 kg. 
  • Free check-in baggage weighing 23 kg is allowed for infants; no excess baggage is permissible. 
  • For checked baggage on flights from Riyadh to the United States, luggage should be sealed with a safe wrap and handed to the authorities. The sum of the bag’s dimensions (height, width, length) shouldn’t exceed 158 cm. 
  • AlFursan is Saudia’s loyalty program. For all AlFursan members (silver, gold, elite, and elite plus), additional baggage allowances of up to 32 kg are provided 
  • Saudia also provides a free baggage allowance for renal failure patients. For first-class passengers, eight additional pieces of baggage weighing up to 32 kg (each) will be waived. The same goes for business class and guest class passengers. 
  • Renal failure patients must ensure their solutions are packed in special containers or bags to prevent further leakage. The patient must also show a special card issued by the SCOT (Saudi Center for Organ Transplantation) at the airport. Only then will the free extra baggage claim be accepted. 
  • For sports equipment, the estimated dimensions are up to 158 cm; in some cases, around 205 cm or 300 cm are permissible for cabin baggage. Anything above 300 cm in dimension and 32 kg weight will go in as cargo. 

Saudia Airlines Size Limit for Cabin / Hand / Carry-on Baggage (For Domestic and International Flights)

Saudi Airlines permits its passengers to carry cabin baggage under their supervision. No charges will be incurred for this. Passengers should place the baggage on the overhead rack or below their seats. 

  • For first and business class customers, one piece of hand, garment, or pull bag is permissible. The dimensions shouldn’t exceed 56 X 45 X 25cm or 22×18 x 10 inches, and the weight shouldn’t exceed 12 kg.
  • First and business-class customers can also carry a briefcase weighing 9 kg and measuring 6 X 20 X 35 cm or 18 X 08 X 14 inches.
  • For guest class customers, one handbag or pull bag is allowed, with a minimum weight of 7 kg and dimensions of 56 X 45 X 25 cm.
  • Passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia from the USA or Canada can take up to a carry-on bag, regardless of their travel class. Their baggage shouldn’t weigh more than 16  pounds or 7.5 kg and must be within 45 inches (114.3 cm).
  • Saudia has sole discretion over allowing luggage as a cabin or checked baggage. They decide based on their airline’s safety and customers’ comfort and satisfaction. 
  • Passengers can take only one piece of personal baggage besides the carry-on baggage. That may include objects like a computer tablet, coat, women’s handbag, baby cradle or stroller, and special supplies for individuals with disabilities. 
  • Security officers will check carry-on baggage for security reasons for flights to and from the USA and the UK. This includes all electronic devices. At the security arena, passengers must power on their devices to get the checking done. Devices that aren’t powered on will not be allowed on the aircraft and may even be confiscated. 

What are the extra baggage charges or fees for Saudi Airlines for check-in and hand baggage?

If you are a guest class passenger and are carrying extra baggage, it must be at most 23 kg or 50 lbs and 158 cm or 62 inches. If you are traveling in Saudia in business or first class, the permissible extra baggage limit is 32 kg and 205 cm. When your baggage is more than 32 kg but within 45 kilograms, it is considered oversized. 

Charges will apply. Baggage weighing and measuring more than 45 kg and 205 cm will not be allowed as checked baggage. It will go as cargo. 

  • If your extra baggage is within the permissible dimension and width, you are charged SAR 138. 
  • When purchasing extra baggage within the permissible dimension and weight at the airport, the charges are SAR 172.5. 
  • Excess baggage exceeding 23 to 32 kg is charged SAR 154.
  • Oversized baggage exceeding 158-205 cm and 32-45 kg or both are charged SAR 257.5.

Sports Equipment Fees for International Flights

  • If the pieces exceed the approved dimensions from 158 cm or 62 inches to 205 cm or 80 inches, an additional 100$ will apply.
  • If the objects are larger than 205 cm to 300 cm in dimension, an additional $67 will be charged in addition to the $100 mentioned previously. In this case, the total charge will be $100 + $67= $167. The additional fee will be 89 Canadian dollars for customers traveling to or from Canada. The total charges will be 189 Canadian dollars. 

Sports Equipment Fees for Domestic Flight

  • An extra 100 SAR will be charged for each piece that is more than 158 cm or 62 inches but less than 205 cm or 80 inches. 
  • An additional 100 SAR will be incurred when the pieces exceed 205 cm or 80 inches in dimension and are a maximum of 300 cm or 118 inches. In this case, the total amount will be 100 SAR +100 SAR = 200 SAR. 

Saudi Baggage Policy for Claims of Damaged, Mishandled, and Missing Baggage

Your baggage may experience minor damage during transportation, such as marks and scratches. The flight authorities will not take any responsibility for it. To report any damaged or lost baggage, contact the Saudi baggage office at the airport premises upon your arrival. The authorities will create a baggage irregularity report. If the case isn’t sorted, you will have to fill out a Baggage Claim form and lodge a complaint.

If you have left baggage or objects on the aircraft, contact the baggage service office upon landing at the airport. If the items haven’t been claimed for over 30 days, they will be handed over to the main baggage office in Jeddah. You can email if it has been more than 30 days and you haven’t claimed the baggage. You will have to provide your flight number, reservation details, or a photograph of your boarding pass, the object type, and the description. 
To track the claim of your damaged, missing, or mishandled baggage, you may visit this link. Enter your form number and last name. You will get access to your claim details.


When you have a detailed knowledge of Saudi Airlines’ Baggage Policy, traveling will be easier and hassle-free. Visit Saudi’s official website to keep yourself updated about all the recent changes.

Saudia Airlines Baggage Policy FAQs

How do you buy extra baggage for Saudia?

You can buy extra baggage online and get a discount of as much as 30%. You will receive a voucher for an additional bag, valid for a year after it is issued. You cannot apply for a refund or re-issuance of an extra baggage voucher. Neither could you change the flight timing or apply for a re-route.

What is Saudia’s baggage check-in time?

You can check in your baggage six hours before departure for all domestic and international Saudia flights. However, for flights from Saudi Arabia to the U.S., the check-in time begins four hours before departure and closes an hour before departure.

Can you put travel documents and other important documents in your checked bag?

No, you should not put any travel or other vital documents in your checked baggage.

Is there any price difference for checked baggage vouchers purchased online at Saudia’s website and at the airport?

The main difference is that you will be entitled to a discount for an online purchase. However, when you buy it at the airport, you won’t get any discount.

Does the airport have a deadline for accepting checked baggage?

Yes, all baggage and check-in counters close an hour before the departure time.

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