Israel’s flag carrier, El Al Airlines, isn’t unknown to many. Its operations began in November 1948, and since then, it has operated domestic, international, and cargo flights to almost 50 destinations within Israel and even abroad to locations like the Middle East, the Americas, Europe, and Africa. If you plan to travel by the El Al flight, then knowing the El Al Airlines Baggage Policy is of utmost importance for your convenience and saves you from any hassle. That’s what we will discuss in this article in detail. Read on to know more. 

El Al Airlines Baggage Fees (For Checked Baggage)

El Al has the economy class, the premium class, and the business class. The quota the airlines fix for checked baggage differs from one class to the other, and even according to the destination you are traveling to. You will find the information on your flight ticket if you want to know how many checked baggage you can carry and its weight. You could also visit El Al Airlines’ official website and check their Manage Your Booking page. 

As per the El Al Airlines Baggage Policy, this tabular presentation provides detailed insight into the El Al Airlines Baggage Fees, which vary according to destination.

Europe, Middle East, Morocco 
Service type Within three hours before departure Less than three hours before departure 
For a single checked baggage (weight 23 kg)Fee varies $90
For 2-5 pieces of additional checked baggage (23kg/per baggage) Fee varies Fee varies 
Overweight baggage (23-32 kg) Fee varies 
Oversized baggage (158-277cm) $65$100
The Far East, Africa 
Service type Within three hours before departure Less than three hours before departure 
For a single checked baggage (weight 23kg)Fee varies $140
For 2-5 pieces of additional checked baggage (23kg/per baggage) Fee varies $150 
Overweight baggage (23-32 kg) Fee varies 
Oversized baggage (158-277cm) $100$150
North America 
Service type Within three hours before departure Less than three hours before departure 
For a single checked baggage (weight 23kg)$105$130
For second or subsequent pieces of checked baggage$185$200
Overweight baggage (23-32 kg) Fee varies 
Oversized baggage (158-277cm) $100$150

The above details are about EI AI Airlines’ checked baggage policy for the economy class. Premium class passengers can carry up to two checked luggage pieces, each weighing 23 kg. Business class passengers can carry two luggage pieces, each weighing 32 kg


  • The fee varies option depends on factors like your journey date and destination.
  • The El Al Airlines Baggage Fees mentioned in the table are for individual passengers per flight segment. 
  • The prices in the table above don’t include special baggage like pets, musical instruments, and sporting equipment. 
  • You shouldn’t include any valuable items in your checked baggage.
  • The airline allows you to carry up to five bags. El Al’s excess baggage charges are mentioned in the table above. If you want to carry more than that, you should inform the EL AL Cargo Division in advance. Call their customer service number. 

El Al Checked Baggage Policy For Kids

When traveling with kids aged 2-12., you’ll be entitled to a child safety seat or troller without additional charges. When you have kids aged 0-2 years, you can travel with a fully collapsible folding stroller or safety seat. You can take it up to the aircraft entrance.  

Upon landing at the entrance, you will be handed over the equipment by the ground crew as close as possible to the aircraft entrance so that you don’t face any inconvenience. Using protective packaging prevents the stroller from getting soiled or damaged. 

If the stroller has any external or detachable accessories, you must disassemble them and carry them when boarding the flight. If traveling with twins, you can bring a double stroller, which will be checked as a single one. This only happens in the case of twins. 

El Al Airlines Baggage Size

Here are the specifications for El Al baggage measurements for checked baggage. The maximum weight for checked baggage (per piece) shouldn’t exceed 23 kg. Similarly, the permissible size per piece of checked baggage mustn’t be more than 158 cm. 

Checked baggage between 23 and 32 kg (s) is overweight, while those from 158 -277 cm in size are oversized. Baggage weighing above 32 kg or having a length of more than 277 cm requires the EL AL Cargo Division’s intervention in advance. 

El Al Airlines Baggage Policy for Carry-On Baggage 

Regarding carry-on baggage, here are some specifications and rules to remember. The weight and dimension of carry-on baggage depend on the travel class. You will find information about this on your ticket. You may also visit the Manage Your Booking section of the official website for more details. 

If you have a carry-on suitcase, you must store it in the overhead bid since it’s relatively large. In case of smaller items, you may store them under your seat. If no storage space is left, you may be asked to shift some carry-ons to the aircraft hold. 

Large carry-ons like a roll-aboard should weigh 8kg in economy class and have a length of 56 cm, width of 45cm, and depth of 26 cm. 

For personal items like a backpack, the preferred length, width, and depth are 30 cm, 38 cm,  and 18 cm, respectively. 

The premium class allows two hand baggage of 8kg each. For business class, two hand baggage are permissible, weighing around 16 kg and 4 kg. The dimensions for the personal items for both the economy and business class are 30 cm in length, 38 cm in width, and 18 cm in depth. 

The above information applies to El Al Airlines flights to all destinations except North America. 

For North America, the El Al carry-on baggage measurements are as follows: 

EI AI Hand Baggage Measurements for North America 
Class Type of Carry-ons Total Hand baggage (per weight) Total Hand baggage (per length, width, depth) 
EconomyLarge 8 kg56 cm, 45 cm, 25 cm
Economy Small 30 cm, 38 cm, 18 cm 
Business Large 8 kg (2 pieces of baggage) 56 cm, 45 cm, 25 cm 
Business Small 30 cm, 38 cm, 18 cm
Premium Large 16 kg (1); 4 kg (2) 56 cm, 45 cm, 25 cm
Premium Small 30 cm, 38 cm, 18 cm

To avoid hassles at the airport, you should note the list of things you can include in your carry-on baggage.


This was about the El Al Airlines Baggage Policy, which covered all aspects. If you have any queries regarding the fees, size, checked baggage, or carry-on baggage details, visit the El Al Airlines website.

El Al Airlines Baggage Policy FAQs

What is EI AI‘s policy for carrying sports equipment.

As per EI AI baggage policy, you can fly with your sporting equipment if you measure as much as 190 cm. You won’t be charged extra for the same. If your equipment weighs as much as 32 kg but is below 277 cm, it will come under excess baggage, and you will have to seek approval from the EI call center.

What is EI AI’s baggage policy when traveling with pets?

To transport animals, you must seek permission from the Ministry of Agriculture’s Veterinary Services. The process is lengthy, may take a couple of months, and involves several animal tests.

You can take cats, exotic birds, and dogs with you in the cabin if the weight of the animal and its cage doesn’t exceed 9 kg. This weight limit doesn’t apply to service dogs. In this case, take your pet along to the check-in counter. Large animals must go in as checked baggage. You must depart from the animal at the check-in counter and collect them at the Arrivals Hall. In some instances, the Cargo Division transports the animal, especially if it is extra-large or traveling unaccompanied.

Can you travel with a musical instrument on the EI AI Airlines flight?

If your musical instrument weighs 8 kg, including the case, you can carry it. But if it exceeds this weight, you’ll have to book a different seat for the same. You may contact the EI AI Airlines call center to seek approval.

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