Aer Lingus, Ireland’s flag carrier, has a fleet of 54 aircraft and flights to 93 destinations. This airline ranks high in customer service and flight punctuality. Like all other airlines, Aer Lingus also has a strict baggage policy that customers should know and adhere to for a convenient travel experience. Let us know and understand Aer Lingus’ baggage policy on checked baggage, carry-ons, and personal items.

Aer Lingus Policy On Checked Baggage

Aer Lingus has three fare types: Saver, Plus, and Advantage. The AerSpace class is also provided and designed to provide passengers with more relaxation, working space, and a comfortable flying experience. The checked baggage allowance varies by destination and also by fare type. 

For flights within Europe, the Plus, Advantage, and AerSpace customers can carry single checked baggage weighing 20 kg or 44 lb without any additional charges. This facility is for each passenger, each way. They will be charged an extra baggage fee if they exceed the permissible weight or number of bags.  

Individuals flying on the Saver ticket will be charged for checked baggage. The fees per baggage weight are fixed based on their destination and booking method, whether online or at the airport. 

If you have the same booking or have checked in together, you can pool or share the 20 kg checked baggage allowance with a fellow traveler. When you have booked your tickets via a travel agent, contact them to know about your allowance for checked baggage. 

For Transatlantic flights, each customer is allowed to carry checked baggage per way. The fare types vary. The economy class has Saver, Smart, and Flex fares. For the Business class, it is Business and Business Flex. For Smart and Flex customers, a 23 kg or 50 lbs checked bag is allowed free of charge. In the case of additional bags, fees apply. Customers can purchase a maximum of two additional bags. 

Business class customers can carry three checked bags free of charge, each weighing 69 kg or 150 lb. Customers on economy saver tickets are charged for checked baggage, with the fare depending on their destination and booking channel—at the airport or online. 

Aer Lingus Fees for Extra Baggage on Checked Baggage (On Flights to Europe)

For Saver Fare customers, fees are charged for checked baggage. However, for Plus, Advantage, and AerSpace customers, fees are charged for any extra baggage if it exceeds the weight or number. The table gives a vivid picture of the fee breakup. 

Aer Lingus Baggage Cost for Saver Fare 
Routes For 20 kg For 25 kgFor 40 kg (Divided into two bags)  
Near Route 25 Euro 24 GBP (British Sterling Pound) 30 Euro 28 GBP 65 Euro 60 GBP 
Mid Route 40 Euro36 GBP45 Euro 40 GBP 70 Euro62 GBP
Far Route 55 Euro 49 GBP 60 Euro 53 GBP85 Euro75 GBP 
Aer Lingus Baggage Cost for Advantage/ AerSpace/Plus 
Routes For 20 kg For 25 kgFor 40 kg (Divided 
Near Route Included (in the basic fare) 10 Euro 10 GBP 35 Euro 32 GBP 
Mid Route Included (in the basic fare)5 Euro5 GBP 25 Euro24 GBP 
Far Route Included (in the basic fare)5 Euro 5 GBP 25 Euro 24 GBP 

Aer Lingus Fees for Extra Baggage on Checked Baggage (On Transatlantic Flights)

Aer Lingus Baggage Cost for Saver Fare 
For 20 kg (Online)For 25 kg (Online)For 30 kg (Online) 
44.99 Euro 44.99 GBP (British Sterling Pound) 54.99 USD54.99 CAD49.99 Euro 49.99 GBP (British Sterling Pound) 59.99 USD59.99 CAD54.99 Euro 54.99 GBP (British Sterling Pound) 64.99 USD64.99 CAD
Aer Lingus Baggage Cost for Other Fares 
For 20 kg (Online) For 25 kg (Online)For 30 kg (Online)  
59.99 Euro 59.99 GBP 74.99 USD74.99 CAD 64.99 Euro 64.99 GBP 79.99 USD79.99 CAD 69.99 Euro 69.99 GBP 84.99 USD84.99 CAD 

For baggage purchased at the airport between 23 kg and 32 kg, the excess baggage fees charged for all fares are 75 Euro/ 68 GBP/ 100 CAD/ 100 USD. The baggage fees are non-refundable.

Aer Lingus Baggage Policy for Carry-On Baggage

The Aer Lingus hand baggage policy has undergone alterations. Let’s take a look at them. Customers of certain fare types can take carry-ons of 10 kg (22 lb). AerClub customers and passengers with Plus, Advantage, and Economy class fares (except the Saver type) are entitled to a 10 kg carry-on without any additional charge. This weight limit applies to flights within Europe. The dimensions include  55 cm or 21.5 inches (height), 40 cm or 15.5 inches (weight), and 24 cm or 9.5 inches diameter. 

The weight limit is slightly different for transatlantic flights. Passengers traveling by Emerald Airlines flight numbers EI 3000 – EI 3999 can carry 7 kg (15 lbs) of carry-on baggage, which you can store in the overhead bin. The permissible dimensions are 48 cm or 18.5 inches (height), 33 cm or 13 inches (height), and 20 cm or 8 inches (depth). 

Aer Lingus Baggage Allowance for Personal Items

Aer Lingus allows passengers to carry personal items for free, including a small handbag, baby changing bag, and diaper bag. The permissible dimensions are 10 inches or 25 cm (height), 13 inches or 33 cm (weight), and 8 inches or 20 cm (depth). The handles and wheels should be a part of the permissible dimensions. 

Things to Remember

  • If you exceed the carry-on baggage limit, your carry-on baggage will have to be checked, and relevant fees will be charged as well. Pooling isn’t permissible if your carry-on baggage is checked upon not meeting the permissible weight benchmark. 
  • The personal item should be of considerable size to fit under your seat.
  • If you plan to take your laptop on board, carry it in a laptop bag. It will be counted as a small personal item. 
  • Essential items like passports, money, and personal medication should be a part of your carry-on. Do not include them as checked baggage. 
  • If your seat is close to the emergency exit or the first row, you must store your baggage in the overhead locker. 
  • According to the latest EASA ( European Aviation Safety Agency) regulations, tablets, mobile phones, MP3 players, and e-readers are not required to be switched off during takeoff or landing. 
  • If you are traveling with Aer Lingus’ partner airlines partly or wholly, you may be restricted from certain items, and baggage allowance rules may vary. 

What Fees Are Charged By Aer Lingus for Carry-on Baggage?

If your fare type doesn’t permit you to bring the carry-on bags for free, Aer Lingus provides two ways to get your 10 kg carry-on online. Firstly, you may book a carry-on bag online with priority boarding facilities for €9.99/£9.99. This way, you can take your carry-on onboard and store it in the overhead bin. 

Another option is to drop your hand baggage at the bag drop kiosk or check-in desk. Upon reaching your destination, you can collect it from the baggage carousel. You won’t be charged anything to use this facility, which is available in Shannon, London, and Dublin. 

NOTE: If your ticket does not permit the ten kg carry-on baggage facility and you bring your bag to the boarding without purchasing the priority booking, a fee will be charged. You must pay a fee of €35/£35 to accommodate your baggage in the aircraft hold. You will get a QR Code on your smartphone, and the fees will be processed. The same rule applies for passengers travelling by Aer Lingus Regional flight, if their baggage exceeds 7 kg or the permissible dimensions. 

Can You Carry Sports Equipment In the Aer Lingus Flight?

If you have booked your flight through Aer Lingus’ official website, you can book your sports equipment online in advance. If you booked through a travel agent, you must contact them directly to book your sports equipment. Here are some points to note: 

  • The sports equipment will go as checked baggage. 
  • The weight limit is 23 kg or 50 lbs. If you exceed this limit, excess baggage fees will apply. 
  • Passengers can carry up to a single checked baggage piece.
  • For Aer Lingus flights to or from North America, sports equipment is included in the standard baggage allowance. Extra baggage starts to apply per passenger per way if you carry it in addition to your standard baggage allowance. 
  • Business class passengers get to carry sports equipment without any charge. 
  • Groups traveling with sports equipment must contact Aer Lingus customer service in advance to see if the aircraft has sufficient space to accommodate them. 
  • Flights traveling to or from Toronto cannot accommodate large sports equipment like bicycles or kayaks. 

You can carry a golf bag with golf clubs and golf gear. Each person can take only a single golf bag. Passengers on Aer Lingus Regional flights can have up to five golf bags (per flight). 

Bicycles must go in the aircraft hold as checked baggage. You should take special care when packing bicycles. The handles have to be fixed sideways and lowered. You must invert the pedals and reduce the pressure of the tires to avoid any hassles. 

Sharp projective parts should be wrapped in cardboard or plastic for safety. You won’t have to wait if you have confirmed that you will be carrying a bicycle beforehand. Your bicycle will be automatically checked in. If you haven’t made prior reservations, your bicycle will be transported on a stand-by basis. In all cases, you have to reach the check-in counter about 1 hour 30 minutes before departure. 

You must contact Aer Lingus’ special assistance team for electric bicycles. If the lithium battery is attached to the bicycle, it isn’t allowed for carriage. Electric bikes are permitted as push bicycles upon removing the lithium batteries. You cannot check-in or carry the lithium battery on board. 

To carry a sports gun in an aircraft, you must check in at least three hours before departure. Then, you should unload and dismantle the sports gun. Only then will it be accepted as checked baggage. You should not pack the ammunition, cartridges, and sports guns with other baggage. Each passenger should carry 5 kg of ammunition, including the packaging. 

A recognized diving kit bag is needed to carry diving equipment, which shouldn’t exceed the permissible weight. Cylinders cannot be carried on the Aer Lingus aircraft, and special packaging for pressure-sensitive devices will be needed. 

Fishing rods, tackle baskets, and cases can be included as fishing equipment. The permissible dimension for Aer Lingus Regional flights is 2.05 m or 6 feet 9 inches. 

Surfboards shouldn’t be more than 2.4 m or 94 inches. Pack them in bubble wrapping or any other cushioning material to prevent damage. Surfboards shouldn’t exceed 2.05 m or 80 inches when traveling by Aer Lingus Regional flights. 

You must contact the local reservation office to carry windsurfing equipment since you cannot book it online. Each individual can use a boom, a mast, a sail, and a board. The items shouldn’t be more than 2.4 m or 94 inches long. If you are traveling with windsurfing equipment, you must check in at least 90 minutes before departure to avoid hassles. 

You can book a pair of skis, poles, and boots online. For snowboards, you must book a single piece per person online. 

Take a look at the sports equipment fees that you may be charged. 

Sports Equipment OnlineGuest Service Center or Airport 
Fishing Gear 40 Euro/40 GBP 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Snowboards40 Euro/40 GBP 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Skis40 Euro/40 GBP 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Surfboards 40 Euro/40 GBP 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Golf Equipment 40 Euro/40 GBP 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Bicycles 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Windsurfing equipment 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Diving equipment 50 Euro/40 GBP 
Sports Guns 50 Euro/40 GBP 

Can You Carry Musical Instrument on Aer Lingus Flight?

You can include smaller musical instruments as your (free) carry-on. Ensure they are small enough to fit in the overhead locker in the space in front of your seat. Here are the permissible dimensions for musical instruments on Aer Lingus and Aer Lingus Regional flights. 

Flight type Height WeightLength 
Aer Lingus Flights 55 cm or 21.5 inches 40 cm or 15.5 inches 24 cm or 9.5 inches 
Aer Lingus Regional Flights 48 cm or 18.5 inches 33 cm or 13 inches 20 cm or 8 inches 

You can take medium-sized musical instruments like guitars as carry-on. However, you should buy an additional seat for them. The additional seat you buy for your instrument won’t have any baggage allowance.

The instrument booking must be like this: JOHN/ ONE GUITAR MR. The weight shouldn’t exceed 75 kg or 165 lbs. The dimensions should be 94 cm or 37 inches in height, 58 cm or 23 inches in weight, and 41 cm or 16 inches in length. When traveling with Aer Lingus Regional Airlines, ensure that you enquire at the airport about booking a separate seat for your instrument. 

You cannot carry large or bulky instruments like harps, drums, or double basses as a carry-on. For flights except those going to or from North America, fees will be charged for musical instruments as per the rates mentioned in the table above. Excess baggage fees (if applicable) may also apply.

What is Aer Lingus Policy for Delayed, Damaged, or Lost Baggage?

Aer Lingus does its best to return around 90% of the delayed baggage to customers within five days. Passengers must report their delayed baggage issue at the Arrival Hall or fill out the ReportMy Bag Form. Baggage delayed for over 21 days is considered lost. Aer Lingus will settle your claim to their maximum liability. If you’ve left any item on board, you must contact the respective airport’s lost property department where the flight has landed. Prompt action from your end will help resolve your concern soon.

Delayed Baggage

If your baggage is delayed, you must report to the arrival hall. You may also fill out the Report My Bag form on their official website. When you fill out the form multiple times, tracing may be delayed. Once you have reported your delayed baggage, the Bag Tracing Number will be emailed to you. You could trace your baggage using this number or even contact the team that handles bag tracing queries. 

You must contact your travel insurance claim provider for any claims regarding your delayed or missing baggage. If you have personal travel insurance, the Aer Lingus authorities will help you with evidence to support your lost or delayed baggage claims. Visit the Post Travel Enquiry Form to log your request. 

The flight authorities will reimburse reasonable expenses incurred during this time, such as the cost of toiletries and so on. 

  • If your baggage is delayed by 1-2 days, €50 will be reimbursed.
  • For a delay of 3-7 days, €30 will be reimbursed.
  • For an 8-21 day delay, €20 will be reimbursed. 

The amounts mentioned are the average amounts that may be reimbursed per day. 

If 72 hours have passed and your baggage hasn’t arrived, you need to fill out the Baggage Contents form and email it to When you provide extra information, it will help the authorities to speed up their search for your baggage. If your baggage doesn’t arrive after 21 days, it will be considered lost. 

The maximum liability at which the Aer Lingus authorities can compensate is €1,550. If the bag isn’t located and you have been reimbursed for essentials before that, the authorities will deduct the amount from your final claim. Maintain your receipts, as they will help you submit the claim. 

Damaged Baggage

If your baggage is damaged during transit, the Aer Lingus authorities will do their utmost to replace it. Contact the information desk to report your damaged baggage upon reaching the airport. 

If you do not report your damaged baggage at the airport, ensure that through the Post Travel Enquiry Form at least seven days from receiving your baggage. The Aer Lingus team will assess and review your report and inform you of the following action plan. You will even get a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) reference number. Minor damages like dents, scratches, and stains caused due to wear and tear won’t be subjected to any claims. 

Lost Baggage

If you have left any items on the Aer Lingus aircraft flying to the Dublin Airport, use the WeReturnIt services to retrieve your lost items. If you were on the plane flying to London Heathrow Airport, use the services. For any other airports, contact their respective lost property department. 

The authorities will help you track your items but aren’t liable for any missing item you left on the airport lounges or aircraft.


I hope this information about Aer Lingus’ baggage policy will help you determine the number of checked and carry-on bags you should carry on board. I wish you a happy journey on your next Aer Lingus flight!

Commonly Asked Questions – Aer Lingus Baggage Policy

What is Aer Lingus’ baggage allowance?

Aer Lingus’s checked baggage allowance varies depending on the destination and ticket type. As mentioned, one checked baggage is allowed for some fare types. In some, you can carry as much as two checked baggage, while in business class, up to three checked baggage sans additional fees are permissible. Saver fare customers are charged for checked baggage.

Is Aer Lingus strict about their baggage allowance?

Yes, Aer Lingus has strict baggage policies. When your checked or carry-on baggage exceeds the required dimensions, you will be charged for extra baggage.

Can you bring a carry-on and a backpack to Aer Lingus?

Some fare types allow a 10-kg or 7-kg carry-on without additional charges. A personal item like a small backpack or a laptop bag is permissible for all ticket classes.

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