Frontier Airlines is a low-cost American airline headquartered in Denver, Colorado. It operates flights to over 130 domestic and international destinations. Like most other airlines, Frontier Airlines has a strict baggage policy that passengers must follow to ensure hassle-free travel. In this article, I will mention essential aspects like the permissible weight for checked and carry-on baggage, excess baggage fees, etc. Read on to know more. 

What is the Checked Baggage Limit As Per the Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy?

Checked baggage is those you cannot carry on the flight. During the bag check-in process, it goes into the aircraft’s cargo hold. 

Per Frontier Airlines’ rules, checked baggage shouldn’t exceed 40 pounds or be greater than 62 inches in linear dimension (a combination of length, width, and depth). The permissible sizes, as mentioned, include handles, straps, and wheels. 

 An additional charge will incur if the baggage weighs between 41 and 50 pounds and 51 and 99 pounds. Similarly, additional charges will apply for dimensions between 63 and 110 linear inches. Bags more than 100 lbs and 110 linear inches cannot be checked as baggage. 


  • For tickets bought before the 18th of January 2022, the permissible weight limit for checked baggage is 50 pounds. 
  • The permissible weight limit is 40 pounds for tickets purchased before January 18, 2022, with a travel date of March 1, 2022, or after that. 

What is the Frontier Airlines Baggage Size and Weight Rules and Restrictions for Carry-On Baggage?

Carry-on bags should have a height, width, and length of 24 inches, 10 inches, and 16 inches, respectively.  The dimensions mentioned above include straps, handles, and wheels. The weight of the carry-on baggage shouldn’t exceed 35 lbs. You may place the hand baggage in the seat underneath or the compartment overhead. 

What are Frontier Airlines’ preferred dimensions for personal items?

Personal items are those that you can take along with your carry-on baggage. They should be small enough to fit in the space beneath your seat, no more than 14 x 18 x 8 inches (height, width, length). Purses, computer bags, totes, kid’s backpacks, and briefcases may be considered personal items. 

Frontier Airlines Extra Baggage Cost for Check-in Baggage

  •  For oversized checked baggage, $75 per bag is charged.
  • For overweight checked baggage, $50-$100 per bag per direction is charged.
  • For tickets purchased on 11th May 2023 or after that, baggage weighing between 41 and 50 pounds will incur an additional $75 charge per piece, per direction.  For bags weighing between 61 and 100 pounds, 
  • $100 per direction per bag will be charged. 
  • A fee of $100 for each bag per direction will apply if you carry antlers.
  • For bicycles, the charge is $75 for each bag per direction. 

Is Carry-On Baggage Free on Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines allows one personal item for free. However, carry-on baggage is not included in the fare. You may buy carry-ons during or after booking. Look at the bag price checker section on the airline’s official page to know how much to pay for your Frontier Airlines carry-on baggage. Elite Gold Status members are allowed to carry one hand baggage. 

Can You Carry Musical Instruments on a Frontier Airline Flight?

You can carry small musical instruments like violins, cymbals, and guitars as a carry-on if they fit into the overhead bin. However, to make space for your musical instrument, the airlines will not remove the baggage of other passengers. If your musical instrument exceeds the permissible weight and dimensions, then overweight and oversized baggage charges will apply (as mentioned above). 

Large instruments like cellos cannot be accommodated in overhead bins, so that they will be checked as baggage. The airlines will not permit you to carry musical instruments above 100 pounds. Also, if you carry large musical instruments, ensure you have an additional 30 minutes for check-in. 

Can You Carry Sports Equipment on a Frontier Airline Flight?

Some parameters apply for carrying sports equipment on a Frontier Airline flight. Here are some points to keep in mind.

  • Bows and arrows – A bag of bows, arrows, and a maintenance kit is permissible. You must enclose them in a hard case to avoid damage. They will enter as checked baggage, and an overweight or oversized fee will apply. 
  • Bicycles –Single-seated, non-motorized bicycles ( touring or racing) are permitted. You must remove the pedals and fix the handlebars sideways. You have to pack the bike in a durable and protective case. Items over 100 pounds and 109 linear inches won’t be permitted on the flight. You must keep around 30 minutes of additional time to check-in. Bicycles can only be a part of checked baggage. 
  • Bodyboards, wakeboards, boogie boards – The authorities will allow them as checked baggage. You must use a protective material to encase the fins. Overweight and oversized fees will apply (if needed). 
  • Bowling equipment – Bowling shoes and bags are part of bowling equipment. They are only included as checked baggage; charges will apply for overweight and oversized luggage.
  • Camping equipment –  Sleeping bags, backpacks, knapsacks, and tents are permitted. They can go in as both checked and carry-on baggage. If taking them as hand baggage, camping equipment should not exceed the permissible dimensions. You cannot carry tent spikes, sternos, stoves, and propane tanks. 
  • Fencing equipment: The airline permits a bag containing masks, outfits, shoes, screwdrivers, gloves, testers, cup protectors, etc. You can carry them as checked baggage only. 
  • Fishing equipment: The airline permits a bag containing rods, landing nets, reels, tackle boxes, and fishing nets. You can include them as checked or carry-on baggage. If the fishing equipment is included as checked baggage, it must be encased in a protective case. Fishing equipment is allowed as a carry-on except for the tackle box contents. A fishing pole is allowed if it can accommodate the space in the overhead bin. 
  • Golf equipment: A bag with golf clubs and shoes is permitted; you must allow an additional 30 minutes for check-in. If applicable, the baggage might incur overweight charges. Oversize charges won’t apply. 
  • Hockey equipment: You may carry a hockey stick, uniform, and pads. The sticks and the equipment bag will be counted as a single item but checked separately. So, an equipment bag and a hockey stick, or two hockey sticks (if combinedly bound) is permitted. They must only go as checked baggage. 
  • Kayak and canoe: A canoe or kayak with paddles is permitted. They will go as checked baggage. The authorities will not allow items above 100 pounds and 15 feet.
  • Scuba gear: You can carry a bag mask, fins, snorkel, knife, safety vest, regulator, pressure, tank harness, speargun, and gauge. You can even carry an empty scuba tank, having the regulator valve removed completely. Scuba gear is allowed as checked baggage. 
  • Skates and skateboards: Roller skates and ice skates are allowed. Skates can be included as checked and carried-on baggage. However, ensure that you put the blades in the checked bag. Skateboards should go as checked baggage, and those with hazmat stickers won’t be allowed. 
  • Ski equipment: You can carry a ski bag containing ski poles, boots, and skis. You can also include boots (one pair) in the boot bag. It must be checked separately. The ski bag and boot bag are considered a single item if they weigh less than 25 pounds. If the weight exceeds 25 pounds, the authorities will consider them a separate bag. 
  • Snowboard: The snowboard items consist of a snowboard, bindings (one set), and boots (a pair). The boots and snowboard will count as one if they don’t exceed 25 pounds; otherwise, they’ll be considered separate baggage. They must be checked. Only the boots can be carried on if they meet the required dimensions. 


  • Surfboards, kiteboards, wave skis: You may carry a kiteboard, a wave ski, or a ski board. You have to encase the skeg fin inside a protective material. Items more than 100 pounds or 15 feet won’t be accepted. They must only be accepted as checked baggage. You must allow an additional 30 minutes of check-in time for your surfboards or kiteboards to be checked. 
  • Windsurfing: You can carry a windsurfing board, a mast, a sail, and a wooden boom onboard as checked baggage. Items above 100 pounds and 15 feet will not be accepted. 

Can You Travel with Pets on Frontier Airlines?

You may be charged a one-way fee to carry a pet onboard. You must pay the fee in advance or during check-in. In addition to a travel container, you can take a personal item or carry-on bag. Each country has its own set of rules and regulations regarding the transportation of pets. 

Ensure you know of them beforehand. It is advisable not to feed the pet or supply it with water four hours before departure. Pets aren’t allowed as checked baggage. Some animals permitted in the cabin include domestic cats, dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, small household birds, etc. Large birds, like cockatoos, macaws, parrots, etc., aren’t permitted as well. The same applies to amphibians, insects, spiders, and reptiles like snakes. When traveling with pets, you shouldn’t sit in the first or exit row. You should avoid sedating your pets during travel. That could cause undesirable effects. 

The container should be big enough for the pet to stand, turn around, or lie comfortably. The dimensions must be 18 inches, 14 inches, and 8 inches, respectively. The cage should have a soft-sided case, and your pet should always be kept in its cage. You must provide vaccination details that vary from one country to the other. 

  • For Puerto Rico, it must be 30 days before entry into the country.
  • For the U.S., it has to be ten days before entry
  • For the Dominican Republic, it has to be 15 days before entry
  • For Costa Rica, it should be before `14 days
  • For Mexico, it must be before five days

Frontier Airlines Baggage Policy While Travelling with Infant

For lap infants, there isn’t any charge. The age limit is seven days to two years. You should carry your kid’s birth certificate and furnish it if needed. Lap children shouldn’t sit on seats with an airbag seatbelt, mainly in the first rows.

Two children sitting with two children on their lap cannot occupy same-sided seats in any row. The reason is that the rows have four oxygen masks for every three seats. One adult can carry only one infant on their lap. If there is one adult and two infants, you must book a seat and an approved car seat for the other infant.

Do not place car seats in the emergency exits or rows in front of or behind them. Strollers can be taken to the gate, after which they have to be checked.


Knowing Frontier Airlines’ Baggage policy will help you understand the nitty-gritty of checked and cabin baggage. Moreover, knowing all the rules, regulations, and restrictions helps ensure hassle-free travel. 


What is the Frontier Airlines baggage policy regarding food?

You can carry food, but you may be asked to remove some of it at the flight authorities’ discretion. The ones on the list are powdered foods and beverages.

Does Frontier airline charge you for carry-ons?

Yes, Frontier Airlines charges for carry-ons, which you must pay when booking. The bag price checker section on Frontier Airlines’ official page will help you determine the cost.

How do you avoid a bag fee at Frontier Airline?

If you carry only personal items when on board, you will be able to avoid paying for carry-ons. Traveling with a small backpack, computer bag, or briefcase will help.

Does Frontier Airline consider a back-pack a carry-on?

A large backpack is considered a carry-on, while a small one may be a personal item.

What is Frontier Airlines’ baggage policy for military baggage?

Upon presenting a CAC (Common Access Card) and uniform services affiliation at check-in, military personnel get several facilities, like carrying two free checked bags, one free personal item, and a carry-on. The baggage waivers are for those on active duty and not for immediate family members or companions traveling with them. In the case of the first two checked bags (free), the oversized and overweight charges are waived.

Does Frontier Airlines check baggage size?

Frontier Airlines is strict regarding baggage sizes. Personal items are checked during boarding. Items exceeding the permissible dimensions will be charged. The same goes for checked and hand baggage.

What does the 3-1-1 rule mean in Frontier Airlines?

Per the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) rules, passengers may bring quart-sized gels, pastes, creams, aerosols, and liquids at the checkpoint. The amount is 3.4 ounces or 100 ml per item. This is the 3-1-1 rule for liquids. Airlines.

What if my bag exceeds 40 lbs?

Your baggage will incur charges for overweight luggage, an average of $75. However, any baggage exceeding 100 lb isn’t acceptable.

Can I carry a purse and a backpack on Frontier Airlines?

You can carry a purse and a small backpack as personal items. In height, weight, and depth, they should not exceed 14x18x8.

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