Caribbean Airlines, Trinidad and Tobago’s flag carrier has a fleet of 19 aircraft and flights to 23 destinations. Like all other airlines, Caribbean Airlines has rules regarding its baggage policies—checked baggage and carry-on baggage. Knowing and understanding its baggage policies well will help you understand how much baggage to carry and the consequences of traveling with extra baggage. Let’s go ahead and look at the Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy, their weight limit on checked and carry-on baggage, and the fees charged if you exceed the limit. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy for Checked Baggage

Before we get into details about checked baggage, here is a word or two about it. Checked baggage is baggage that you cannot take to the aircraft. You must hand it to the authorities when you check-in. It is placed in the plane’s cargo hold and will be handed over to you when you reach your destination. The route you are traveling and your fare type determine your number of complimentary checked baggage. 

The standard acceptable weight limit for Caribbean Airlines is 23 kg or 50 lbs, whereas the required dimension is a maximum of 157 cm or 62 inches

As per the Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy, baggage greater than 23 kg but less than 32 kg can be accepted depending on space availability. Similarly, baggage greater than 157 cm but less than 292 cm in dimension will be allowed if ample space is available. 

If the baggage exceeds 32 kg or 292 cm, it will not be included as checked baggage. The overweight and oversized baggage fees do not include other checked baggage fees. Regarding extra baggage, the first checked baggage is free. Fees apply from then onwards.

Caribbean Airlines Extra Baggage Rules and Fees for Flights Between Trinidad and Tobago 
First bag TTD 3.00 per kg 
Second bag TTD 3.00 per kg 
Third bag TTD 3.00 per kg 
Fourth bag TTD 3.00 per kg 
Overweight bag TTD 3.00 per kg

Caribbean Airlines Extra Baggage Rules and Fees for International Travel

Number of checked bags Lite Classic Flex BizBiz Flex
First bag CAD 40/USD 30 FreeFreeFree Free
Second bag +CAD 55/USD 40CAD 55/USD 40FreeFreeFree
Third bag ++CAD 200/USD 150CAD 200/USD 150CAD 200/USD 150CAD 200/USD 150Free 
Fourth bag CAD 235/USD 175CAD 235/USD 175CAD 235/USD 175CAD 235/USD 175CAD 235/USD 175
Overweight bagCAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75
Oversized bag CAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75CAD 90/USD 75
  • The fees mentioned here are subject to taxes 
  • The fees apply to one-way travel only
  • The CAD fees are applicable for flights departing from Canada only 
  • +Fees are applicable on tickets bought on 7th November 2019 or after that. The fees incurred for tickets purchased before the 7th of November 2019 will be CAD 40 or USD 35. 
  • ++ The fees are relevant for ticket purchases made before the 7th of November 2019. For purchases before the 7th of November, a fee of CAD 170 or USD 130 will be charged. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy Rules for Other Checked Baggages

  • Televisions will be considered part of your free checked baggage if they don’t weigh above 23 kg or 50 lbs and do not have a height of more than 157 cm or 62 inches. 
  • The maximum weight allowed for televisions is 32 kg or 70 lbs, while the maximum permissible linear dimension is between 158 and 292 cm (63 and 115 inches). However, weight and oversized charges will apply. 
  • If your television exceeds the maximum weight and dimension limit, they’ll be shipped as cargo. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy for Carry-on or Hand Baggage

The Caribbean Airlines permits each passenger to carry a single piece of carry-on or handbag and one personal item. The list of personal items passengers can carry on flights includes a backpack, handbag, laptop bag, or briefcase. 

The maximum weight limit for carry-ons is 10 kg or 22 lbs. The permissible dimensions are 56cm x 35cm x 23cm. The size mentioned includes the handles and wheels of your baggage. You can carry non-flammable gels or liquids in your bag, measuring not more than 100 ml.

If you have carry-ons that exceed the recommended size, as mentioned above, you will be charged extra per piece. 

Carry-on Baggage Intra To or FromTo or FromTo or From
Baggage Fees
Caribbean or South AmericaUSA or Caribbean & South AmericaCanada or Caribbean & South America
For Extra Carry-on Bag *USD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00USD 100.00 r CAD 120
For Heavy Carry-on Bag **USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 100.00 OR
CAD 120.00
Oversized Carry-on Bag ***USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 50.00USD 100.00 OR
CAD 120.00
  • * Customers carrying extra carry-on baggage will be charged an additional fee at the boarding gate. 
  • ** Customers with a carry-on baggage of 23 kg or 50 lbs will be charged a heavy carry-on baggage fee. 
  • *** An oversized carry-on baggage fee will apply if the luggage size exceeds 114 cm or 45 inches. 

Under all three circumstances mentioned above, the officials will tag and place the baggage in the aircraft’s baggage hold.

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy for Infants

When traveling with an infant (0-2 years), you are entitled to one collapsible stroller, a car seat, or a carrying basket, subject to space availability. For tickets booked after the 7th of November 2019, lap infants aren’t entitled to a piece of free checked baggage of 23 kg or 50 lb weight. However, you can carry a hand luggage of up to 10 kg for lap infants. For tickets issued after the 7th of November 2019, infants for whom a seat has been bought will be entitled to a piece of free checked baggage as per the ticket type.

As mentioned, persons who have purchased an infant seat are eligible for infant or child car seats. Your infant should be between 6 months and two years old and weigh no more than 18 kg (39.7 lbs). You can’t use the car in bulkhead seats or place them near the aisle or emergency exit. 

When traveling with an infant, you can’t change diapers in the cabin. The toilets make provision for baby-changing facilities. 

Infants on laps will be charged an infant fee. If you’ve booked a seat, you must pay the entire child fee. 

Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy for Sports and Musical Instrument

The Caribbean Airlines allows some sporting and musical items that may go as your checked baggage. The maximum weight allowance is 23 kg or 50 lbs per item and 157 cm or 62 inches in dimension. Overweight bags weighing as much as 32 kg is permitted, but there isn’t any provision for oversized bags. 

  • For archery, a bow, arrows, and quiver are allowed but must be cased well.
  • Carribean Airlines allows a single-seater, non-motorized bicycle as cycling equipment. The cycle must be packed in a Cardboard container, and the handlebars and pedals must be covered in plastic foam. For safety, the tires should be deflated. 
  • The board size for a boogieboard must be at most 62 inches. To prevent damage, you should also pad and tape the fins well. 
  • Cricket bats, wickets, balls, and pads are accepted and should be stored in a soft team bag or cricket coffin. 
  • Violins and guitars are accepted in hard-carrying cases. 
  • Lacrosse sticks, pads, balls, and helmets are permissible in a kit bag or recognized kit bag. 
  • Caribbean Airlines accepts golfing equipment. These include a golf bag, around fourteen golf clubs, about twelve golf balls, and golf shoes (one pair). 
  • Carribean Airlines will accept properly encased fishing equipment. It can contain a fishing tackle box, a landing net, fishing boots (one pair), a reel, and no more than two rods. 


That was about Caribbean Airlines’ checked baggage policy. To learn more, visit their website. With a detailed idea of their baggage policy, you will be able to travel hassle-free.

FAQs of Caribbean Airlines Baggage Policy

How much luggage does Caribbean Airlines allow?

Checked bags are chargeable for Lite customers. Passengers traveling with a Classic ticket can check one piece of baggage. Flex, Biz, and Biz Flex customers are allowed two checked bags. Moreover, each passenger can carry a carry-on bag and a personal item without charge.

What amount does Caribbean Airlines charge for overweight baggage?

The charges vary according to the ticket type and destination. For example, a second bag will cost CAD 55/USD 40 for Classic customers. A second bag is free for Flex, Biz, and Biz customers.

How many bags does Caribbean Airlines allow for free?

The number of free bags depends on the ticket type and destination. Some ticket types allow up to two checked bags, while some fare types permit a single checked bag for free. In addition, each passenger can carry a single handbag and one personal item for free.

What are the provisions for passengers with special needs?

Passengers using walkers, wheelchairs, crutches, or other special equipment are permitted to carry them if there is enough space on the flight.

Can you travel with pets on Carribean Airlines?

Dogs and cats are accepted, but you must pay the pet-in-hold fee of TTD 3.00 per kg for flights to and from Trinidad and Tobago. For international flights, it is CAD 230 and USD 150. Your pet’s weight, including the kennel, should be 32 kg or 70 lbs. The linear dimension shouldn’t exceed 292 m or 115 inches, while the length mustn’t be more than 191 cm or 75 inches. If the size exceeds this limit, you must contact the cargo services. You should inform the airlines 72 hours before transporting a live animal.

What are the rules for Caribbean airlines mishandled or missing baggage?

If your baggage is damaged or missing, inform the representative of Carribean Airlines before you leave the airport. The authorities will issue you a PIR (Property Irregularity Report). If you’ve already left the airport and noticed the damage later, you must contact the authorities and submit your claim in writing within seven days after you’ve received your baggage.

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