Royal Air Maroc, popularly called RAM, is Morocco’s national carrier and the country’s largest airline. It has flights to 89 destinations globally. Knowing Royal Air Maroc’s baggage policy is immensely important when flying with this airline. This will save you hassle and allow you to enjoy seamless travel. This article will provide detailed insight into Royal Air Maroc’s baggage policy. We will examine their rules regarding checked baggage, carry-on baggage, sports equipment, excess baggage, etc. 

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Allowance

Here is a detailed analysis of the Royal Air Maroc Baggage allowance policy for checked baggage, carry-on baggage, special baggage, sports equipment, and excess baggage. Before explaining in detail, let me walk you through the term checked baggage. You cannot carry checked baggage on the flight. You have to hand them over to the authorities during check-in. They will be placed in the aircraft’s cargo hold. 

 The parameters of weight and dimensions vary depending on the destination and class you are traveling. There are additional benefits for Safar Flyer card users. Here is a tabular presentation: 

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Rules for the Checked Baggage Sizes
Destinations Economy Class Baggage Allowance (No of baggage and baggage weight limit) Business Class Baggage Allowance (No of baggage and baggage weight limit)Safar Flyer Silver / Gold / Ambassador (No of baggage and baggage weight limit)
Europe-MoroccoBaggage limit: 1 piece 
Weight limit: 23 kg 
Baggage limit: 2 pieces Weight limit: 23 kg (per baggage) Baggage limit: 1 additional piece 
Weight limit: 23 kg 
RAM network ( which excludes the Middle East, USA, Africa, and Canada) Baggage limit: 1 piece 
Weight limit: 23 kg 
Baggage limit: 2 pieces Weight limit: 23 kg (per baggage) Baggage limit: 1 additional piece 
Weight limit: 23 kg 
Qatar Baggage limit: 2 pieces
Weight limit: 23 kg (each) 
Baggage limit: 2 pieces 
Weight limit: 32 kg (each) 
Baggage limit: 1 additional piece 
Weight limit: 32 kg (for business)

Baggage limit: 1 additional piece 
Weight limit: 23 kg (for economy)
USA/Canada/Africa/Middle EastBaggage limit: 2 pieces
Weight limit: 23 kg (each)
Baggage limit: 3 pieces 
Weight limit: 23 kg (each) 
Baggage limit: 1 additional piece 
Weight limit: 23 kg 

Royal Air Maroc Hand Baggage Allowance

As per the Royal Air Maroc baggage policy, passengers must follow some cabin or carry-on baggage rules to ensure hassle-free check-in. You are aware of what cabin baggage is, aren’t you? I would like to recapitulate the same. Luggage items taken to the plane’s cabin are referred to as cabin baggage. They are stored in the overhead compartment above your seat. 

Your cabin baggage should be well accommodated under your seat or in the luggage compartment above, whichever suits you the best.  Per the standard cabin baggage rules, your carry-on baggage shouldn’t exceed 10 kg in weight and 115 cm in dimension ( 55 cm length, 40 cm width, 20 cm height).

Regarding the personal items in your carry-on baggage, you can take medicines, mobile phones, laptops, jewelry, identity papers, and personal documents. Personal items are smaller than cabin baggage and mostly fit under the seat before you. 

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy for Special Baggage

  • Bicycles aren’t part of the baggage allowance. They can be checked as part of the baggage. You should remove the pedals or place them inside, and you should inflate the tyres as well. 
  • The Royal Air Maroc baggage policy doesn’t permit the transport of cooking oil on board.
  • Exposed television sets cannot be transported, even if they meet the required dimensions. However, properly packed ones can go as cabin baggage and shouldn’t exceed 115 cm in size. They must also have the label “accepted with reservations.” 
  • Weapons intended for sport or hunting can be accepted in the holding area, provided they are unloaded and there is an agreement on special cases. After the weapons have been checked, they should be separated from their ammunition and packaged securely. 

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy for Sports Equipment

The list of sports equipment that Royal Air Maroc allows to transport includes: 

  • Golf
  • Surfboard
  • Diving equipment, including bottle
  • Water-skiing
  • Windsurfing
  • Perch pole vault 
  • Delta plan
  • Bicycle 
  • Tandem 
  • Paragliding and canoe

Some sports equipment, such as a surf kit, golf bag, and fishing kit, can be transported without fees if it meets the required dimensions. 

  • The first golf bag should be at most 23 kg.
  • The surf kit should weigh not more than 23 kg and have dimensions of 220x40x40
  • Fishing equipment comprising two rods, a net, a box, and boots (one pair) shouldn’t exceed a length of 300 cm.

If they exceed the estimated weight and dimensions, they will be counted as excess baggage, and charges will apply. 

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Fees (for Extra Baggage) 

Number of additional baggage Extra baggage weight For domestic flights For flights to or from Europe- Maghreb and Morocco For flights to or from Morocco and Africa Middle East 
1st 23 kg 640 MAD90€ or 810MAD190€ or 1840 MAD
2nd 23 kg 1500 MAD180€ or 1730 MAD290€ or 2880 MAD
3rd 23 kg 1730 MAD180€ or 1730 MAD410€ or 4030 MAD
Overweight or oversized baggage (exceeding the estimated weight and dimension) 32 kg; and size of 158-203 cm; not more than that 640 MAD70€  or 640MAD120€ or 1150MAD

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Fees (For Sports Equipment)

Estimated Weight for Sports EquipmentDomestic flights From or to Europe or Maghreb From or To Africa or AMN or the Middle East
One piece of equipment (weighing 23 kg and having a dimension of 158 cm)580 MAD640 MAD or 70 €1730 MAD or 180 € or 180 USD or 150 CAD
One piece of equipment (weighing 32 kg and having a dimension of 203 cm)810 MAD1150 MAD or 120 €2300 MAD or 230 € or 230 USD or 230 CAD
One piece of equipment (weighing 32 kg and having a dimension of 300 cm)1150 MAD1730 MAD/180 €3450 MAD or 350 € or 350 USD or 350 CAD

Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy Rules for Exceptional Fares

Flights Between Africa and Turkey (Bidirectional) 
Number of additional baggage Extra baggage weight Fees 
1st to 10th Up to 23 kg 140 €
1st 10th Greater than 23 kg but not more than 32 kg

180 €

11th and onwards Upto 23 kg 290 €
Overweight or oversized baggage UP to 32 kg and dimensions between 158 cm and 203 cm (not more than that)60 €
Flights from or To America (USA/ Canada) 
Country Fees per additional baggage 
Fees for overweight or oversized baggage 
Departing from Morocco 1840 MAD580 MAD
Departing from Europe/Tunisia/Algeria Africa/Middle East 190 €60 €
Departing from USA190 USD60 USD 
Departing from Canada190 CAD 60 CAD 
Canada to the Middle East190 CAD60 CAD 
Canada to Africa 220 CAD60 CAD 

Things to Know About Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy

  • The standard weight for checked baggage shouldn’t exceed 32 kg, while the dimensions of your checked luggage should be no more than 203 cm in height, width, and length. 
  • The baggage should be packaged well to protect the item. They shouldn’t contain any roughness that could damage the other baggage or the people handling them. 
  • Infants traveling on the flight are entitled to a bassinet or baby stroller free of charge. 
  • You can carry laptops, and that won’t be considered cabin baggage.
  • You cannot carry knives, sharp objects, or firearms in the cabin. 
  • If the airline takes away your hand-on baggage while you board because of space concerns, there isn’t a cause for worry. They’ll keep it in the hold area, and you’ll receive a baggage receipt. 
  • Gels and liquids, such as cosmetics and care products, can be carried in hand baggage, but you must follow the rules for them. The contents of the containers shouldn’t exceed 100 ml. You should carry the containers in zip-lock bags with a maximum liter capacity. 
  • You should label your bag in and out. Ensure the label has your name, destination address, permanent address, email address, and mobile number. Remove the older labels to avoid confusion if you have traveled previously on Royal Air Maroc or other flights.  

Royal Air Maroc Policy for Damaged Baggage Clain

If your baggage is damaged during the flight, you must contact the baggage assistance service. Upon finding damage in your baggage after leaving the airport, you must report the same to the authorities within seven days of your arrival or seven days of receiving the baggage. 

You will have to carry your damaged baggage along. The report you make to the airport, alongside your essential documents, should be sent to the official email address of Royal Maroc. 

You will receive an acknowledgment receipt. It will have a reference number. Once you get that, email at, attach the report received at the airport, your baggage identification tag,  the missing items’ figures, the invoice for the concerned items, and your bank details. 

For delayed baggage and missing items, you also have to inform the baggage assistance service. If you have left any item on the aircraft, then you will have to go to the airline’s website and fill out a form at this link:


This was a detailed insight into Royal Air Maroc baggage policy. When you know the rules and regulations and adhere to them, traveling will be easier and more fulfilling. 

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Royal Air Maroc Baggage Policy FAQs

How many bags can you take on Royal Air Maroc?

There are restrictions regarding the number of pieces of baggage you can take on Royal Air Maroc. The number of pieces of checked baggage on Royal Air Maroc varies from one to three, depending on the loyalty status, passenger class, and flight number.

Are you allowed to take hand luggage on Air Maroc?

Yes, you can carry your hand baggage on Royal Air Manoc. However, it shouldn’t exceed 10 kg in weight and be no more than 115 cm in length, width, and height.

How do you add baggage online for the Royal Air Maroc flight?

If you are planning to buy extra baggage, you can do it online at least 24 hours before departure and enjoy discounts.

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