When it comes to travelling, passengers prefer flying with Vistara Airlines since it offers comfort and convenience in equal measure. Nevertheless, there is a need to understand the various policies particularly the Vistara Airlines baggage policy in order to avoid complications. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a domestic trip within India or a foreign trip, understanding the various baggage policies, prohibitions, and charges will go a long way in improving your trip.

In the article below, let me explain everything you want to know about Vistara Airlines baggage allowance, Vistara Airlines carry-on baggage policy, Vistara Airlines checked baggage policy, Vistara Airlines hand baggage allowance, etc.

Carry-On Baggage Guidelines

The rules and regulations concerning the allowable carry-on baggage in Vistara Airlines are aimed at ensuring that all the basic needs of the traveler are met during the flight and at the same time meeting the safety measures required during the flight.

  • Allowance: Cabin baggage is allowed and each passenger is free to carry only one piece which should not exceed 7kgs in weight.
  • Dimensions: The size of the hand baggage that is allowed in airplanes is 55 cm X 40 cm X 20 cm.
  • Personal Item: Besides the cabin baggage, you are allowed to take one more bag which could be a handbag, laptop case or a small backpack.

Checked Baggage Policy

This policy will help you plan your luggage according to the policy of Vistara Airlines Checked baggage and also help you avoid any unpleasant surprises at the airport.

  • Domestic Flights: The luggage allowance for check-in on domestic flights depends on the type of service:
    • Economy Class: 15 kg
    • Premium Economy: 20 kg
    • Business Class: 30 kg
  • International Flights: There may be some restrictions when it comes to international PNR allowance, so the best thing to do is to review your booking or contact Vistara to get the specifics on the limit.
  • Size Restrictions: The sum of the dimensions of the piece of baggage that is checked in must not be above 158 cm.

Hand Baggage Policy

Vistara Airlines hand baggage policy explains items allowed in the cabin and sizes and weight allowed for hand baggage. Here are some key points to remember, in addition to the carry-on baggage allowance:

  • All liquids that are to be carried must be in containers holding not more than 100 milliliters and these should be packed in a transparent, plastic, sealable bag.
  • Sharp items, firearms and some chemicals like ammonium per chloride are examples of items which are not allowed to be carried in the hand baggage.

Vistara Airlines Baggage Fee

The Vistara Airlines baggage fees are quite flexible and structured to make sure that passengers know how much they will spend.

  • Excess Baggage: This means that any passenger carrying more luggage than allowed will be charged some extra monies for their bags to be checked in. The fares vary in terms of the route and the additional weight to be carried.
  • Special Items: Over-sized luggage or any other bulky item such as sporting apparatus may be charged extra. Travellers are encouraged to contact the airline management for more details.

Vistara Airlines Extra Baggage Policy

Vistara airline extra baggage policy is a policy that you will need to consider in the event that you are going to travel with baggage that cannot be squeezed into the standard size and weight allowance. If you need to take more luggage, it would be wiser to book an extra baggage before reaching the airport since it will cost less than buying one at the airport.

  • Pre-booking: Vistara check-in baggage allowance also allows passengers to pre-book their extra check-in baggage at the Vistara Airlines official website or by reaching out to customer support.
  • Rates: Additional charges for baggage allowance can also depend on whether the flight is domestic or international, and the fees cannot be checked online; they can only be found on the airline’s website or by getting in touch with the Vistara airline.

Special Baggage Considerations

Some products are sensitive and might have certain restrictions or exemptions in relation to the list.

  • Musical Instruments: It has to be taken on the plane in a carry-on bag of the appropriate size, otherwise, they have to be checked in.
  • Sports Equipment: All sports equipment are allowed to be taken into the checked baggage allowance provided that the passenger complies with the restrictions set by the airline. Whereas, in the case of large or bulky items, extra charges may be added to the bill.

Vistara Airlines Military Baggage Policy

As part of the recognition for their commitment and sacrifice, Vistara airlines military baggage policy grants extra baggage privileges for the military personnel.

  • Allowance: Military personnel on active duty may be permitted additional baggage free of charge although this, as well, is subject to verification and might contain certain conditions.
  • Verification: This means that the military passengers should be carrying their identification and travel orders to enable them to access the additional allowance.

Early Planning and Baggage Purchase Options

Planning ahead can save you both money and stress when it comes to baggage. Vistara allows you to pre-book excess baggage at discounted rates up to 6 hours before your flight. This can be done through their website, mobile app, or customer service centers. The earlier you plan for the possibility of additional baggage, the more you can save as rates at the airport are comparatively higher.

Understanding Vistara’s Loyalty Program and Baggage Benefits

Vistara’s frequent flyer program, Club Vistara, offers tier-based benefits including baggage privileges. Depending on your Club Vistara status – CV Base, CV Silver, CV Gold, or CV Platinum – you could enjoy increased baggage allowances. It’s a good idea to sign up for Club Vistara if you fly often, to make the most out of your travel with benefits gearing towards a more generous luggage handling.

Group Bookings and Baggage

Group bookings have their own set of rules when it comes to baggage. If you’re traveling with family or as part of a larger group, Vistara may offer some flexibility with baggage allowances when checked jointly. However, individual baggage pieces must still adhere to the size and weight limits specified in the airline’s baggage policy.

Corporate and Frequent Flyers

Corporate customers and frequent flyers often have different needs and expectations when it comes to baggage. Recognizing this, Vistara might offer bespoke arrangements as part of corporate packages or frequent flyer benefits. Check with the airline to understand if any special allowances or services apply to your booking class.

Traveling with Infants or Children

For passengers traveling with infants, Vistara offers a 7 kg carry-on baggage allowance for essential baby items. Additionally, you can bring a collapsible stroller or a car seat as part of your checked baggage allowance. When flying with children, packing efficiently and understanding what you can carry on-board versus what needs to be checked in is vital.

Special Items and Baggage Assistance

If you’re traveling with oversized or delicate items like artwork or large musical instruments, communication with the airline in advance is key. These items may require special handling and might incur additional fees. Similarly, if you require assistance at the airport due to mobility issues or other special needs, Vistara’s customer service can provide the necessary support, including the handling of medical equipment as baggage.

Baggage Security and Insurance

Despite the best efforts by airlines, instances of lost or damaged baggage, although rare, can occur. It’s prudent to put locks on your checked luggage and consider securing baggage insurance for added peace of mind. It’s also advisable to keep all valuables, important documents, and necessary medications in your hand baggage.

Lost, Delayed, or Damaged Baggage

In the unfortunate event that your baggage is lost, delayed, or arrives damaged, Vistara has a process in place to address the issue. Report the problem immediately to the Vistara baggage service staff at the airport. They will initiate a trace for your missing items or guide you in filing a claim for damaged baggage. Keep the baggage claim ticket and receipts for any emergency purchases, as these will be necessary for your claim.

Adhering to International Baggage Regulations

For international flights, it’s important to note that baggage rules might differ from those for domestic travel. This is due to varying regulations enforced by other countries or airlines if you have connecting flights with a different carrier. Always check for the latest international baggage policies when preparing for overseas travel with Vistary or any partner airlines.

Preparing for Weather and Seasonal Considerations

Different seasons might influence how you pack. Winter coats and gear will weigh more than summer clothes. Vistara’s policy remains the same all year round, but understanding how seasonal changes affect your packing will help you manage your baggage better. It’s particularly important for those flying to or from regions with significant weather changes or for seasonal holidays.

Tips for Smooth Travel with Vistara Baggage

  • Measure and Weigh: Always measure and weigh your luggage beforehand to ensure it complies with Vistara’s baggage policy.
  • Label Your Bags: Clearly labeling your bags with your name, address, and contact information can help in identifying them quickly if they are misplaced.
  • Pack Smart: Distribute items between your carry-on and checked luggage, keeping essentials and valuables in your hand baggage.
  • Prohibited Items: Familiarize yourself with the list of prohibited items in both carry-on and checked baggage to avoid any delays or confiscations.


Navigating the Vistara Airlines baggage policy is straightforward once you understand the basic guidelines for carry-on, checked, and extra baggage. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or embarking on your first journey with Vistara, being informed about the Vistara Airlines baggage policies ensures that your travel is as smooth and stress-free as possible. Always check the most current baggage information directly with Vistara Airlines before your flight, as policies can update or vary depending on specific flights, routes, and operational requirements.

By preparing ahead and following these guidelines, you can focus more on enjoying your journey and less on worrying about your luggage. Remember, the key to a hassle-free travel experience lies in understanding and complying with your airline’s baggage policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much carry-on baggage can I bring on a Vistara flight?

You are allowed to bring one piece of carry-on baggage that shouldn’t weigh more than 7 kg. The size must be within 55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm.

Can I carry a laptop bag in addition to my carry-on baggage?

Yes, you can bring a small personal item like a laptop bag, handbag, or small backpack along with your carry-on baggage.

What is the checked baggage limit for domestic flights with Vistara?

Economy Class: 15 kg
Premium Economy: 20 kg
Business Class: 30 kg

Are there any size restrictions for checked baggage on Vistara flights?

Yes, the total dimensions (length + width + height) of the checked baggage must not exceed 158 cm.

Can I carry liquids in my carry-on luggage?

Yes, but all liquids must be in containers of no more than 100 ml and placed together in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

What if my baggage exceeds the allowed weight or size?

You will need to pay an extra charge for baggage that goes over your weight allowance. The fees vary, so it’s best to check with Vistara directly or consult their website.

Can I pre-book extra baggage and will it be cheaper?

Yes, you can pre-book extra baggage up to 6 hours before your flight, and it is generally cheaper than paying at the airport.

What should I do if my baggage is lost or damaged?

Report the issue immediately to the Vistara baggage service staff at the airport. They will help you with the next steps to locate your baggage or file a claim for any damage.

Does Vistara offer any baggage allowances for military personnel?

Yes, active military personnel might be eligible for additional baggage allowances, but it’s important to verify with the airline and provide proper identification.

Can I bring sports equipment with me on my flight?

Yes, sports equipment can usually be included as part of your checked baggage allowance. However, for oversized or heavy items, there might be additional charges.

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